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Full text of Dr. William Paley’s Natural Theology.

For many years, there has been an argument between science and religion about the complexity of the design of nature. Dr. William Paley’s Natural Theology provides compelling evidence as to why the exquisite framework down to the tiniest detail of nature is only but a purposeful design by a Creator. From the human anatomy to the other biological creatures, Natural Theology presents points as to why only a designer God could account for the blueprint of life.

Although much of the text has been written over 200 years ago and many principles of science have been updated since then, the main points of Dr. Paley’s book remains true and relevant to this day. Natural Theology is one of the books required by many institutions of learning as a reading material for its compelling and controversial arguments.

The rise in popularity of the theory of evolution seemed to have closed the argument, but man’s innate quest for truth kept others to seek a better explanation to natural design than an unguided and coincidental product of the force of nature. Other authors such as Richard Dawkins and Charles Darwin were in fact inspired by Dr. Paley’s book.

In a letter to John Lubbock in 1859, Charles Darwin said, “I do not think I hardly ever admired a book more than Paley’s Natural Theology: I could almost formerly have said it by heart.”?

This site will present all of Natural Theology’s text. It is up to the reader to interpret and ultimately decide which side provides the soundest evidence as to the engineer behind the intricate details of natural design.

In addition to the complete text provided, there are also links to where you can buy the print and digital versions of the book.

Full text of Dr. William Paley’s Natural Theology.