1854 Publisher’s Notice

Several years since the publishers of this valuable and very popular work engaged the services of Dr. John Ware, of this city, to prepare an improved edition, by the addition of forty elegant pages of the illustrations of Paxton, with references to the same in the text; extensive notes, original and selected; a vocabulary of scientific terms, etc.; with a view of adapting it more perfectly to the wants of our colleges and schools, so as thereby to increase its circulation and usefulness.

The sale, with these additions and improvements, has been gradually on the increase, until it has become very generally introduced into our best schools and colleges throughout the country; and having passed through some forty or more editions, the publishers found the plates, by constant use, very much worn, and in some cases imperfect.  The have consequently procured an entirely new and beautiful set of illustrations, which, with other improvements, render the work all that can be desired, and in view of which they anticipate a wider and still more extensive sale of the work.

Boston, January, 1854.