Category: Chapter 3

Plate 2: The Eye

Fig. 1. The crystalline lens of a fish; it is proportionably larger than in other animals, and perfectly spherical. Fig. 2. A section of the human eye. It is formed of various coats, or membranes, containing pellucid humours of different degrees of density, and calculated for collecting the rays of light into a focus, upon […]

Plate 3: The Eye of Birds and of the Eel

Fig. 1, 2. The flexible rim, or hoop, of the eye of birds, consisting of bony plates, which occupy the front of the sclerotic; lying close together and overlapping each other. These bony plates in general form a slightly convex ring, Fig. 1, but in the accipitres they form a concave ring, as in Fig. […]

Plate 4: The Lachrymal Apparatus and Nictitating Membrane

Fig. 1. a, is the organ which supplies this fluid, called the lachrymal gland, it is situated at the outer and upper part of the orbit of the eye. This is the gland which secretes or separates the tears from the blood. There are five or six ducts or tubes, b, which convey this fluid […]

Plate 5: The Human Ear, and Tympanum of the Elephant

Fig. 1. The organ of hearing; a, the external ear; b, the meatus anditorius externus, or outward passage of the ear; leading to c, the membrana tympani, or drum; d, the ossicula auditus, or little bones of the ear; e, the semicircular canals; f, the cochlea; g, a section of the eustachian tube, which extends […]