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Note by James Paxton

To the Honorable and Right Reverend

Shute Barrington, LL. D

Lord Bishop of Durham.

My Lord,

To your suggestion the world is indebted for the existence of Dr. Paley’s valuable work on Natural Theology.  The universal and permanent esteem in which it has been held in the country, and its favorable reception in France, even after the desolating influence of the Revolution, have abundantly approved your Lordship’s selection both of the subject and of the person to whom you intrusted it.

In looking round, then, for a patron for the Illustrations, it was natural to have recourse to him who was the original suggestor of the work which it is their object to explain. Nor was I disappointed in my wish; your Lordship not only condescending to approve of the design, but to encourage me in its prosecution, by your very liberal support. For this distinguished honor you will believe me deeply sensible; and if I may indulge the hope that my humble efforts will increase the utility of so eminent a writer, I shall consider it the highest gratification.

I am, my Lord,

With great veneration,

Your Lordship’s most obliged,

And obedient servant,

James Paxton