Table of Contents


  1. State of the Argument
  2. State of the Argument, continued
  3. Application of the Argument
  4. Of the succession of Plants and Animals
  5. Application of the Argument, continued
  6. The Argument cumulative
  7. Of the Mechanical and Immechanical Parts and Functions of Animals and Vegetables
  8. Of Mechanical Arrangement in the Human Frame—Of the Bones
  9. —Of the Muscles
  10. —Of the Vessels of animal Bodies
  11. —Of the animal Structure, regarded as a Mass
  12. Comparative Anatomy
  13. Peculiar Organizations
  14. Prospective Contrivances
  15. Relations
  16. Compensation
  17. The Relation of animated Bodies to Inanimate Nature
  18. Instincts
  19. Of insects
  20. Of Plants
  21. Of the Elements
  22. Astronomy
  23. Personality of the Deity
  24. Of the Natural Attributes of the Deity
  25. The Unity of the Deity
  26. The Goodness of the Deity
  27. Conclusion

This book is in the public domain; it was originally written in 1809 and this edition reflects the work as published in 1860.  The foreword and cover, however, are copyrighted, and are not to be redistributed without permission.